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Just as numerous are the 10-on-10 multiplayer battles, which promise to necessitate team cooperation. If all the significance of its derived games isn’t enough, The Frozen Throne is still a solid game on its own, building upon the story told in its base game. Compared to that, The Frozen Throne adds more units, heroes, races, and reworks certain stats to provide a new experience. And by "radical," I mean waging war with bears, dolphins, and psychic schoolgirls. As a result, they each split further into loyalist and rebel sides, thus continuing the conflict in the series. One thing unique about this series is being able to fly your ships all around the sphere of space the level takes place in, thus adding another dimension to strategy and gameplay. And if that wasn’t enough, Stronghold Crusader HD includes the Extreme edition of the game, which increases the unit cap from 1,000 to 10,000, letting players command veritable armies!

Within each chapter are at least 3 recommendations of other books that you "must read." Overall, the book itself is quite good, too. It’s an excellent coder’s eye view of how RTS games are and should be turned out, in the here and now. It’s obviously strongly influenced by what has already been done with the genre, and takes a narrow view of what that genre is. Follow the plan in this book and you will end up with the framework of a respectable starcraft/aoe clone. The book is fairly out of date at the time I’m writing this, but I had hoped when I picked it up that it would have some valuable tips for writing games that are relatively timeless. The DirectX API has certainly changed a great deal from 6.0 to 9.0, but good game architecture doesn’t change much. One of R.U.S.E.’s finer aspects is its ease of use, which makes it approachable for both newcomers and experts alike.

You must travel the known worlds, pick up contracts, and fight other people’s wars for them. You can upgrade and customise your mechs as you go, as well as collect new chassis for bigger and better squad compositions. The most modern game in this bunch while simultaneously being the most retro, Wargroove borrows a lot from older properties. If you enjoyed the pixelated wonder of Advance Wars then the lighthearted approach to strategy and tactics here is going to tickle your fancy.

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If you are looking to learn DirectX, get ‘Inside DirectX 5.2’ instead. This book covers and includes the Wordware Game Developer’s Library that manages DirectX and many of the aspects of creating games. Before you get this book, be sure you know C++, some window’s programming, and have a desire to write games. What this book doesn’t tell you, it will tell you where to look up.

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When you zoom all the way out, you see the entire battlefield as if it’s mapped on a general’s strategy table, where units are depicted as stacks of chips. The game features eighteen playable divisions from six different countries, half for the Allies and half for the German Armed Forces.

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Gameplay doesn’t stop at the end of the campaign because a map and mission editor can extend your enjoyment, as long as you’re feeling creative. As usual, this kind of game is almost as much a puzzler as it is strategy, but it’s definitely worth a try. At one point in the not-too-distant past, stealth-strategy games were all the rage.

Maneuvering a group of characters across the map, trying not to raise an alarm, killing only those who need to be killed, and coming out the other side with no one the wiser – that was good play. There are a surprising number of games which can be played on both the Xbox One and PC under the Xbox Game Pass. Most of them promise to have very similar, if not identical, experiences on both platforms. If this wasn’t surprising enough, there are actually quite a few really good strategy titles available via this service. If you are a strategy gamer thinking about colonising the Xbox space or is just interested in what is available on Game Pass, this article is for you. If you are looking for a book to walk you through the entire cycle of creating a game, then this is the book for you.

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