How To Change Your Windows 10 Login Screen To Display Any Image When Your Computer Turns On

I called Microsoft and was told to wait a few days. I tried everyday for three weeks, it would not activate. She told me to re-install Windows 8.1 Pro, then perform the upgrade to windows 10 Pro.

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I then considered what happens if I don’t have enough memory in my computer. To put this into perspective, I got thirty times that improvement simply by uninstalling one application, PC Tools Threatfire. It reduced registry access performance by 37% because it monitors the registry. Uninstalling another application, SpeedBit sbupdate, and its companion gained me another 20% because of their registry monitoring or polling as it is called. I refer to Mark Russinovich who explains why registry polling is bad. As I said above, my conclusion is that Windows registry cleaners can produce a small and measurable performance improvement. I got a 3.9% improvement on one hive on one test but the average was only 1.3% even when I used several registry cleaners.

They refuse to address the reality that not everyone can afford to upgrade every 5-6 years. Finally the only app that worked was the VLC media player, and it’s free. A Microsoft tech downloaded it onto my Windows 10 laptop and it works perfectly. I hate that I wasted so much time trying to figure this out, when Microsoft knew along Windows Media Player isn’t compatible with Windows 10. The app you recommend purchasing from the app store, “Windows DVD Player” is not available for Windows 10.

  • After all, there is important stuff in those updates that really needs to be installed.
  • Zoom’s blur background feature works by blurring everything in the room you’re in during a call—apart from blurring you.
  • Before you go any further, remember that pausing updates from Microsoft could result in less-than-stellar issues if you do not stay up-to-date with security fixes.

Reinstalling the windows may lead to loss of user data and files. So we suggest to keep the back up of all the files of importance.

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The error message “Windows Sockets registry entries required for network connectivity are missing” can be extremely frustrating. When the Windows registry is damaged, it can cause freezing, crashing, and boot failures, which is why a registry backup is so important. It’s also important when attempting to troubleshoot errors, but Microsoft is asking its users to rely on system restore points for this purpose. When the system is “factory reset”, the hard drive is formatted, all user data and programs are wiped out, and Windows is reinstalled. The major difference to note here is that if you use this method to reset Windows 10,you will be reinstalling the operating system that – ORIGINALLY – came with your PC or laptop – and not Windows 10.

A List Of Common Taskbar Problems In Windows 10

Windows 10 will download the latest drivers in Windows Update, but they tend to run late, making fix Zone Labs dll with WinDll it a poor choice for gamers and power users. Enable or Disable Windows 10 Driver Downloads contains the registry files to disable Windows 10 driver downloads. Add “Copy As Path” to the Right-Click or Context Menu contains two registry files to add and remove Copy as path to your Context Menu. Disable ‘Get Even More Out of Windows’ contains two registry files to enable, or disable the ‘Get Even More Out of Windows’ popups as explained in this guide. Add All Tasks or God Mode to the Control Panel contains the registry files to add All Tasks to your Control Panel for quick and easy access. Add Settings to Context Menu is a registry hack from MajorGeeks that adds frequently used Settings to your right-click context menu when used on the desktop.

Current user edits generally require log off and on. “%1” is a placeholder for whatever file is the object of the executable. If you are unfamiliar with this type of notation, please be very, very careful with the Registry. You mention that you “prefer to change the double-click action to ‘Edit’ so that accidental mergers do not happen” but you don’t explain how to do that. I prefer this myself, and I think it’s an excellent idea, especially for the audience targeted with this article. There are many useful adjustments to the Windows configuration or behavior that can be made by simple editing of the Registry. Unless you are a trained IT professional, you should probably limit Registry editing to one or two values at a time.

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