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Media access control address is also called LAN address, Ethernet address or physical address. MAC address is used to uniquely mark a network card in the network. If a device has one or more network cards, each of them needs and will have a unique MAC address. Save the change and check if DNS server not responding issue is gone. Therefore, you can check if you using the latest version of the Network Adapter Driver in your Windows device or not. Like every other system drivers in your device, the Network Adapter Driver also requires a periodical update to maintain the compatibility with your device. Hence, when you do not upgrade it, it becomes obsolete and loses its compatibility with your Windows device.

To sum up, DNS servers translate domain names into IP addresses, thanks to which browsers know which resources to refer to after entering a specific domain name. It is worth remembering that each device connected to the Internet has its own unique IP address. Imagine the endless number of addresses that we would have to know today to shop freely, sell a car, or order cinema tickets. Each of these addresses would have to be saved somewhere – this task is performed by DNS for all of us. ) is a server system that stores data about domain addresses.

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That’s how simply you can update Network Adapter Drivers through Bit Driver Updater and fix the DNS server not responding error. The working of DNS is to translate the domain names which we utilize to access the website into the IP address that our computer utilizes to access the website. If you are a newbie, then you’ll surely think that solving this issue is a big deal. But, through this guide, you’ll reach out to the easiest fix to rectify this error. Now before proceeding towards the fixes, let’s know about the causes for the same.

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When you are unable to access the Internet, so the first most thing you have done is checking the router or Wi-Fi, is it connected correctly, or not? Then for sure, you have run Windows Network diagnostic tool to troubleshoot the problem. And Boom, what you got after troubleshooting is DNS Server Not responding or The DNS server isn’t responding. DNS server translates the websites’ address into the IP address for your web browser to connect easily. So, if there’s any wrong with the DNS server, you cannot access any website on your web browser. “DNS Server is Not Responding”error could also be caused by an old or faulty network adapter driver.

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To correct the DNS server error, read this article, you will get the method to change the DNS Address. After checking the above-mentioned things, if you are unable to resolve the problem so try the following fixes to handle the DNS server not responding error. Check the internet connection of the router or Wi-Fi, and also check whether it is properly connected or not. Millions of people use the Internet, but a few of them knew the intricate structure behind the scenes.

  • First of all, before attempting to alter, fix, or delete registry fields, you shouldalwaysback up the Windows Registry to a secure location.
  • Barring any outrageous, unaccountable errors to your system, you should now be able to back up and restore the Windows Registry.
  • If you suspect you have a malware issue, check out our complete malware removal guide.
  • Registry cleaner software will commonly identify issues 1-4 as seriously important, device destroying issues.
  • If the Windows Registry does not restore from your standard Windows account, you can boot into Windows Safe Mode and try again.

In such case, you can update your network adapter driver manually or by using an automatic tool. But, if you can connect to a web page using Ethernet only, the issue could be in your router and you may have to reset it. However, if you can’t access a web page while connected through Ethernet, the problem could be in your DNS settings. Also, if the other device doesn’t connect with the web page, this does not mean that issue is with the router. And if you want to save much time then Bit Driver Updater also offers the facility for the very same. Rather than clicking on the Update Now, click on the Update All option to get the updates in just a single click.

Also, the outdated network adapter can cause such an issue in your device. The primary reason for this error can be the incorrect DNS server address of your Windows device. There are a lot of factors that go on when you think of this particular error. Moreover, we will be discussing some of the most potential culprits that can lead to such a problem in your Windows device.

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