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Flipboard is an amazing news reading app with a closed system of approved publishers, but it’s not an RSS reader . You can’t add your own source using an RSS link in these apps. About a decade ago, the average internet user might well have heard of RSS.

In addition, Feedburner, and most feed readers, keep track of who subscribes to your feeds. In a recent project, we were tasked with creating RSS feeds for a website with Insights that had multiple categories and locations. With RSS feeds, we were able to create feeds that users could follow to see the latest blog posts and podcasts for a specific category. Instead of visiting the website multiple times to find new content or search through a crowded social media timeline, RSS feeds send tailored content directly to the user. (iOS/Android/Web) takes a different approach to RSS reading.

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Users subscribe to feeds either by entering a feed’s URI into the reader or by clicking on the browser’s feed icon. The RSS reader checks the user’s feeds regularly for new information and can automatically download it, if that function is enabled. Feedreader like any other RSS reader app on this list, lets you read and organize news and updates from all your favorite websites in one place.

Instead of trying to imitate Google Reader or follow the traditional RSS paradigm, Pulse turns your feeds and articles into a visual, image-driven feed, and pushes the stories it thinks you’ll like to the top. If you’re a bit more visual, Pulse may be just your speed. RSS feed data is presented to users using software called a news aggregator. This aggregator can be built into a website, installed on a desktop computer, or installed on a mobile device.

  • If you are looking for an RSS reader app, there’s a high probability that you might run into Feedly.
  • Click any headline to read more details about the article from elink’s RSS Feed Reader.
  • RSS or rich site summary is a format for delivering the latest updates and content from various websites in one location.
  • On top of being an awesome RSS reader, elink also doubles up as it is among the best content curation tools.
  • Vicky Volvovski is Zapier’s Head of Platform, living in Madison, Wisconsin.
  • You can https://google-earth.downloadsdb.com/ even filter and search for articles based on keywords and sources to easily discover & curate content.

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Here’s how to build an RSS feed for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Once your feed is set up, just add it to your RSS reader app to get all of your favorite content in one place.

You can also take your RSS feeds on the go with its mobile apps for iOS and Android, where you’ll get both the headlines and a simplified view of the full articles. It’s a great way to stay informed of what’s going on wherever you happen to be when you’re looking to catch up on the news you care about. While it lets you follow your favorite blogs and publications like every other app on this list, it’s designed much more like a social media site than some of the other featured RSS readers. It has a clean, image-focused design, "love" and comment buttons on every post, and a card layout that makes the app feel very modern. Want to look at posts from your favorite social sharers in your RSS app alongside the blogs and channels you follow?

Today, though RSS continues to power many applications on the web, it has become, for most people, an obscure technology. Your email list refers to the community of email subscribers you’re collecting from the pool of readers who come to your blog. Your email subscribers are the people who’ve opted in to receive regular updates, new content notifications, recommendations and/or offers from you—directly to their email inboxes. Users can click this icon, enter their information, and receive the latest content based on categories, locations, or whatever filter you have in place to organize your content.

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