20 Must Have Apps For Android Users

The Android version builds on all this while managing to feel right at home on your phone, thanks to a Material-inspired interface. A widget lets you see your tasks and quickly add new ones, from your homescreen. Optional notifications let you know when tasks are due, and you can even see a summary of today’s tasks every morning if you want. All of this makes Todoist a great to do list app to try out, even if you don’t quite know what you’re looking for in a to do list app. The module can be installed from the Xposed repository and once you install it, you will get a notification to activate and reboot Download Snapchat APK for Android the device. Tap on the option to enable the module which will automatically reboot your device.

  • You can also choose whether you want to go alone or want to pool the cab with someone.
  • Sometimes an application got deleted from the Play Store, and then the users are not allowed to use the application anymore.
  • Netflix also leads the way among streaming platforms by producing, to name a few, critically acclaimed original programming including Black Mirror, The Crown, Narcos, The OA, and Stranger Things.

Completely free to download and use, Duolingo dosn’t have any hidden fees and the in-app purchases are kept optional. On the top of that, this app is incredibly effective and fun. Musilla Musical School is one of the best app for kids to learn the basics of music. This beautifully presented app explores the adventures of the Mussila band on a musical journey. Kids can help them find instruments, costumes and create their own music.

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You manage playback from the notification just like on Android, which is neat. Pocket Casts costs $3.99, but you only have to pay for it once and it works on all your devices, Chromebook included.

The app listens to the music being played and tells you what the song is in seconds. It also gives you more details and options, such as lyrics, band info and where to buy the song. I’ve been using Shazam for music discovery and even tagging commercials for years, allowing me to build a huge music library based on Shazam tags alone. I wouldn’t recommend an exercise app I didn’t find success with myself. I started used MyFitnessPal about 4 months ago to keep track of calories gained and burned.

It’s a fantasy-based web and app game that covers math topics for kids from first to eighth grade. Well, to be more specific, the developer has a lot of interactive books that you may recognize from your own childhood. Some of the selections include Dr. Seuss, Little Critter, and Berenstain Bears. The books teach kids how to read while telling them the same types of stories a lot of us enjoyed in our childhood years. Most of the novels run for $1.99-$3.99 each so it’s not too expensive to get a new one periodically once your child gets tired of the one they have. The developer has a lot of random stuff that isn’t for kids so much make sure you’re downloading the right thing before you spend any money. Intellijoy is a massive developer of kids games for mobile.

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The numbers become colorful and relatable characters, called Nooms. They help your kid to learn math basics, intuitive numbers understanding, and mental calculations. The e-learning app comes fully-packed with games for toddlers. The education plan includes ABCs, spelling, patterns, shapes, colors, addition, and subtraction. Those tasks come in the form of jigsaw puzzles, join the dots, spot the difference, spot the odd one, memory game, shape matching, and logical reasoning. The educational app provides full theoretical material.

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