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The only downside is that the mic stand isn’t shockproof, so that the vibrations might get picked up during recording. What the Mini lacks in features, it makes up in price and sound. Some people won’t get more over the fact that there’s no mute button, and the proprietary micro-USB is a bit of a pain.

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Having a belt clip on the receiver is a nice touch, because I’ll often also have the Tascam clipped to my belt, too, if I’m just recording sound and somebody else is operating the camera. There’s also a clip-on plastic coldshoe there so you can mount the receiver onto your DSLR’s hotshoe and send a cable straight into the camera’s microphone input. The easiest solution, of course, is to use an external microphone. You can then plug this either straight into your camera or a separate portable field recorder.

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When it comes to the ergonomics, the three devices have a simple design. The other day I filmed in an old museum with thick walls and occasionally had cut outs when the transmitter was more than 15 meters away. Just keep in mind that if a far range is the main priority for you, the G1 is maybe not for you. When they finally become affordable a few years ago, the transmitters were bulky and often too big to hide.

When recording with loud background noise, the Evolve2 30 compressed my voice a bit more than we would’ve liked. However, this is an issue for all headsets that try to reduce background noise. And the Evolve2 30 still captured voice accurately without making us sound overprocessed, as cheaper headsets tend to do. Compared with the Jabra Evolve2 65, our wireless pick, the Evolve2 30 did a better job of cancelling background noise, with the tradeoff of making my voice sound a bit more compressed. ANC helps reduce low-frequency sounds like loud air conditioners or the droning noise in an airplane cabin. It won’t, however, block out high-pitched screams or the bright ring of a doorbell, which we think is a good thing. The headset also has a sound pass-through button, so you can better hear the noises around you when the situation demands it.

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